This morning for the heck of it, I tried some more Googling, looking 
for "Long File Names for Windows", having had no success with 
VIEWLFN. BULLSEYE! I found a link to Freeware World which talked 
about the company going out of business in the year 2000, and a link 
to the company website (which is being used for a successor business) 
that dropped me right on the final NAME of the program, "Instant File 
Access." They'd changed the name of the program and apparently that 
of the company as well.

The URL for which you seek is [],
which has a download link to the final version, ifa400.exe--a
self-extracting WinZIP file--and generic registration information to
input when installing the program. I've already downloaded it. It's 
now 100% freeware, though PayPal donations are encouraged.

Now, I'm going to charge you a "finder's fee" for this; when you get 
your ultimate retro Windows system together, I expect to get a full 
CD copy of the thing (and a set of the install files of all of the 
utilities you added) so I can dump it into a hard drive and play with 
it too.



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