Mike wrote:
Congrats again. How does the emulation compare speed-wise to say
Basilisk 2 running MacOS 8.1 on a fast P4?

OS7.6.1 speed compared to 8.1. :) no drag when dragging windows around well very little, there is a very small delay when opening things but that might be a mac thing. :/

Besides sound not working, what about networking?

Safari works, as does samba and mac update, transfer speed is good. I'll try to work out the sound. So far its been very enjoyable, basic internet connection sharing does the job, just remember to change the realtek entry in the config from 0 to one, (got me for about 2 hours) and install the Tap (virtual ethernet) driver. This driver has a few other uses I'm sure.

Gregg Eshelman wrote:
How nasty is it to setup PearPC on Windows now? Not
that I couldn't figure it out however it goes, but
I'd rather wait until it's more "ready for primetime".

Single .exe, .xml config file and a batch file to launch.
There is a couple of frontends for it, one gui and one through a browser. I'll post some links soon - wrong machine.
Machine speed is whats needed otherwise its as straight foward as you can get with a text config file, gets me every time. ;)
Cant see you having a problem with it.

I was using the Win32 port (Lauri Pesonen's) of
Basilisk II almost from when it was first started.
Ah, the "joys" of manually editing the configuration
file. ;) I wonder when someone else is going to pick
up that and update it to match the latest Linux

I've always found a frontend for it but I've only been on pc's for 5 years much like the early Mame versions.
I dont like the linux version much. The cvs gets updated every now and then as you link B2 when compliling Sheepshaver, yeah its all linux.

I'll be installing the other 2 cd's and trying os9 compatibility. I hope it continues to go well.


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