There website, seems to have allot of broken links,
and you can't even download the current software for the dos cards..

I try to call, disconnected phone#, and try to email.. nothing.


Gregg Eshelman wrote:

--- Richard Nagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Can anyone tell me if Orange Micro is still in
there phone# seems to be disconnected.

Could use some help with one of there PC cards...

They quit making the PC Cards a while ago, so you can forget getting any "live" help from them.

All the support there is, is what's on the website or from other owners
of the Orange PC cards.

Why they quit the PC Cards is because you can now get
a more powerful desktop PC for less $$$ than any
Orange PC card sold for. Their last couple of cards
were made cheaper by using the host Mac's CPU to
emulate many of of the PC hardware functions, which
didn't help the performance any.

It will be total Fandemonium, Summer 2005!
Check website for further info.

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