> On Apr 9, 2018, at 4:32 PM, Peter McGrath <peter_gr...@icloud.com> wrote:
> P.S.  I wouldn't even think of hoisting such words upon you if you would 
> stick to topics concerning computers, Apple computers in particular. 

Ah, and therein lies the problem with being a grammar nazi, Peter. While, 
initially, it may seem like fun and makes you feel good about yourself, what it 
really does it paint a big red target on your back. (Speaking from experience, 
of course.)

verb [ with obj. ] 
raise (something) by means of ropes and pulleys: high overhead great cranes 
hoisted girders.
• raise or haul up: she hoisted her backpack onto her shoulder.

Perhaps you were thinking of “foist?”

verb [ with obj. ] (foist someone/something on) 
impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on: don't let anyone foist 
inferior goods on you.
• (foist someone/something into) introduce someone or something surreptitiously 
or unwarrantably into: he attempted to foist a new delegate into the conference.

Feel free to shoot back.


Jonathan Fletcher

Kentuckiana FileMaker Developers Group
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