People who don’t own their infrastructure get screwed by those that do. You 
won’t get much speed out of IgLou and and other local providers because 
AT&T, whose wires they have to use won’t allow them their best stuff.

If you do not have AT&T Gigawhatsis or Google Fiber in your area then I would 
recommend Spectrum for their decent speed.

If you have access to fiber it is relatively inexpensive to get an awesome 
connection, the likes of which you have never had before.

Spectrum will still be a good second choice even then, but then in lieu of 
fiber options in your neighborhood they are all I would go with.


> On Apr 10, 2018, at 5:08 PM,William Micou <> wrote:
> Been following this discussion -
> Ready to cut the AT&T UVerse cord and just use Apple TV, HD antenna, and some 
> kind of a HD digital recorder. My question (one of many at this point) is - I 
> only need a internet provider now, what is my best value in the Louisville 
> area? Used to have IgLou and loved everything about them, especially the fact 
> that they are local. What do you all say?
> Thanks,

Jonathan Fletcher

Kentuckiana FileMaker Developers Group
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