My son has an iPhone 7, an iPad and used to have an old iPhone 6C …. 

When he watches videos via iTunes or other video service on his iPhone 7 and 
stops by using the home button and then goes back to begin watching them again…

the video it has reset to 0:00

If he has watched part of it on his old iPhone or on his iPad then it is 
stopped at the point he quit watching it on that device.  

If he does close it by hitting the ‘done’ button in the upper left corner on 
his iPhone 7 it holds the correct place marker.  

The other devices hold the correct place no matter which way he stops watching 
the video.  

I don’t watch videos like that on my iPhone. It sounds to me like it is a 
setting on the iPhone and he said there was one on the old phone and iPad but 
not on the new phone.

He has the same iOS on iPhone 7 and iPad.  

Suggestions appreciated.  
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