Hi all,

I know I've asked this before, but things change over time.

I think I need to get a phone to use outside the USA and the grips of our awful 
telecoms. I have a vague notion that this consists of buying a cheap flip phone 
and then buying necessary sim card(s), but I'm wondering if anyone has any 
advice a to which cheap phone and how to play with sim cards in a way that 
could work well for more than one country.

FWIW, I did try checking online, but the advice was all about how to be able to 
stay glued to the internet by having a smartphone. 

Here is the goal along with other notes:

I'd like to be able to tell the people I'm going to meet what my phone number 
is, preferably some time before I arrive.

I'd like not to say 'yeah, here's my phone number, but hey, don't call me, 
because I'm from the U.S. so calls are stupidly expensive.'.

I couldn't give a hoot about obsessive-compulsive checking in online, so I 
don't need a smartphone.

I do have an old iPhone 3, but it doesn't hold a charge anymore.

My day-to-day phone is a paid-off iPhone 6.

Oh, and I'm really cheap.

Thanks for any tips, esp. because of the long list of constraints.

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