hi deepak,

I am facing same situation, as my custom cape wont load now. can you share 
what you have did so that I can make it work in my project.

On Monday, December 29, 2014 at 9:06:36 PM UTC+5:30, Deepak Sekar wrote:
> Thanks for your helpful suggestion once again, Charles. My Cartesian bot 
> now works well with a display! Yay...
> I found out the config-pin script has a setting for each pin called 
> P08_0x_CAPE which needs to be set to my custom cape and not the universal 
> cape. Once I made that change, everything started working. Now, on to my 
> documentation - there are a few steps involved in creating a custom cape, 
> and for a beginner, if there is a good step-by-step guide to doing that, it 
> will be helpful. I'll create that now. Is there a wiki page for Machinekit 
> where I can add these steps? There is a treasure trove of information in 
> this Google Groups Page... eg. how to add GLADE, how to create custom 
> capes, how to troubleshoot various other issues. Adding them all on a Wiki 
> page would help beginners come up to speed quickly and experienced 
> Machinekit users would need to spend less of their time handholding new 
> users.
> On Sunday, December 28, 2014 7:48:07 PM UTC-8, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:
>> If you're comfortable crafting custom cape overlays, you can go ahead 
>> and just setup the pin multiplexing you need for your hardware.  The 
>> "universal" cape is an attempt to make run-time changes to I/O pin 
>> multiplexing easier to do from user-space, and to provide some of the 
>> features of the cape manager for kernels that do not support overlays 
>> (like 3.14).  However, since the universal overlay grabs most of the 
>> available I/O pins, if you are working with other capes you need to 
>> either modify them to use the cape-universal pinmux helper or remove the 
>> conflicting pins from the universal overlay. 
>> On 12/28/2014 9:05 PM, Deepak Sekar wrote: 
>> > Thanks very much for the helpful response. I got LinuxCNC to load 
>> properly 
>> > now with a custom cape (based on the previous suggestion). 
>> > 
>> > Still hitting an issue though. When the following lines of the setup.sh 
>> > file are run, 
>> > - sudo $(which config-pin) -f - <<- EOF 
>> > - P8.12   low     # X Dir. 
>> > - EOF 
>> > 
>> > it says 
>> > "cape-universal overlay not found 
>> > run "config-pin overlay cape-universal" to load the cape". 
>> > I checked - I seem to have config-pin installed on my system. 
>> If you look at the code (config-pin is just a shell script), this 
>> warning is issued if the pinmux helper file isn't found in sysfs.  The 
>> script is trying to be helpful and suggesting you load cape-universal 
>> because it doesn't know you renamed it and loaded it with the new name. 
>> So if you're seeing this, it means the pinmux helper for P8.12 isn't 
>> properly loaded by your custom overlay, or your overlay didn't actually 
>> load properly for some reason.  What do you see in your slots file, and 
>> what does dmesg report? 
>> > Does anyone have suggestions on how I can resolve this issue I'm facing 
>> -- 
>> Charles Steinkuehler 
>> cha...@steinkuehler.net 

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