Thanks, the flavor binary was what I was looking for. writes:

> Have a look at rtapi_compat.c
> The methods there for looking at values in /sys /proc and /dev are 
> probably the best bets,
> (or just capture the output from `uname -r`, `dmesg | grep Linux 
> version` etc etc :-) )
> I have found the `flavor` binary, which uses the rtapi_compat.c methods, 
> can get confused between rt-preempt and posix however.
> I think I changed the flavor evaluation order in the Machinekit-NG 
> experiments, to stop it returning 'posix' when in fact the kernel was 
> 'rt-preempt',
> albeit posix had been built also.
> regards
> On 17/09/16 23:02, Alexander Rössler wrote:
>> Is there any way to check the currently active RTAPI flavor when a
>> Machinekit instance is running?


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