On 9/21/2016 9:45 AM, euerka wrote:

>          MAX_VELOCITY =       200.0
>          MAX_ACCELERATION =   3000.0
>          # Set Stepgen max 20% higher than the axis
>          STEPGEN_MAX_VEL =    240.0
>          STEPGEN_MAX_ACC =    3600.0
>          # these are in nanoseconds
>          DIRSETUP   =              200
>          DIRHOLD    =              200
>          STEPLEN    =              1000
>          STEPSPACE  =              1000
> As motor specification shows 0.9 deg per step, 400 step/rev * 4 rev/mm=1600 
> step/mm
>   my target is 1600 steps per mm.
> Then I tested G01X1.f40., it looks rotate 4 round.
> If i tested G00X1.F40., Motor freezed and make noise. Speed too fast???

Almost certainly.  With a scale of 1600, and a maximum velocity of
200, your maximum step pulse rate would be 320,000 KHz, and with your
acceleration of 3000 mm/s/s, you'll get there pretty quick.  The
default PRU settings result in a maximum pulse speed of about 50 KHz,
so you need to either reduce the maximum allowed velocity or decrease
the PRU cycle time (or both).

What sort of drive system are you using to get 4 rev/mm?  That's
pretty low even for a ball screw with a belt reduction.

> Or when i run a G program, sometimes it just freeze and make noise.
> Then I tested NC program from nc_files such as butterfly.ngc, it will 
> accelerate 
> then decelerate, when speed nearly goes to zero, motor start to shaking, and 
> make noise.

I'm not sure why this is happening, it shouldn't be caused by the fast
step pulse rate issue above.  Sometimes this happens if you have
problems with your stepper motor wiring (the pairs are hooked up wrong
or one of the pairs has faulty wiring).

Charles Steinkuehler

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