Hi all,

I have switched the QtQuickVcp CI from Buildbot to Travis CI and
AppVeyor during the couple last weeks. Furthermore, I have merged the
MachinekitClient back into the QtQuickVcp repository. This should make
it easier to start with.

Furthermore, the Linux binaries do now come packaged as AppImage. Just
make them executable (chmod +x) and then you should have
MachinekitClient up and running. Unfortunately I have to drop the 32bit
binaries, since Qt SDK does come for 32bit Linux anymore.

It would be great if you could test the binaries in the new Download
section on GitHub: https://github.com/machinekoder/QtQuickVcp#download

Now I'm working on making the MachinekitClient less confusing (merging
Unicast and Multicast mode, remote and local mode) and trying out QmlWeb
as web-based alternative.


website: http://www.machinekit.io blog: http://blog.machinekit.io github: 
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