Thank you Charles,

one additional CRAMPS related question:

I want  to stop machine when error happens on stepper driver - in that case 
my error signal from stepper driver is low (0V) - if there is no error this 
signal is high (5V) 
To what pin on cramps should I connect this signal so that any error (0V) 
will interrupt (estop) machinekit?

I thought about connecting any of 5 stepper motor drivers error signal to 
P302-Pin1 on CRAMPS - will that work?


Dne sreda, 17. maj 2017 13.55.35 UTC+2 je oseba Charles Steinkuehler 
> On 5/17/2017 4:32 AM, Klemen Zhivko wrote: 
> > Dear all and Charles, 
> > 
> > I want to build custom hat for cramps, where I could have connectors for 
> stepper 
> > signals, modiy E-STOP, add some custom connectors, etc... 
> > So to get pcb footprint of cramps I open CRAMPS kicad project and KICAD 
> throws 
> > this errors: 
> > Do I need to setup this libraries somewhere in kicad settings or 
> anything else I 
> > should do to overcome this problem? 
> > 
> > It seems kicad finds those libraries since it references it correctly... 
> I am 
> > using nigtly build of KICAD since somee other project needs that. 
> I have not migrated from KiCad 4022 stable version for Windows. 
> I'd recommend trying 4022, a *LOT* of stuff has changed in the newer 
> KiCad releases. 
> -- 
> Charles Steinkuehler 
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