As I did promise to return with my findings and report back when my Cyclone 
V partial reconfiguration quest had meet an conclusion I am not happy to 
verdict that is is true that it does work and that it is true that it does 
also not work "out of the box".

Until the license for incremental compilation and the pr core is open 
licensed, I will stick to consensus on the web of not placing any guide 
describing how to get it to work on Cyclone V with the linux dts overlay 

I have instead chosen to share the steps needed in the shared folder 
available and let those that are benevolently curious,  investigative and 
open minded for open source hardware, fetch/grab the shared file and go 
look see what they would have to say if they deducted such easily fixable 
creative omissions themself. 
Leading to the "It dosn't work" statement above that fueled and kicked my 
relentless truth based intuitive guidance system into me having to provide 
verification of everything works if you know how to fix the omissions.
What remains is that:
Until such functionality is UNlicensed partial reconfiguration is 
unavailable for open hardware or source development contributors.

"It dosnt work" --> mythbusted :-)

Now whats that about an open sourced hardware society as the next 
evolutionary step ?

On Sunday, 3 September 2017 06:27:26 UTC+2, Michael Brown wrote:
> Yes, I agree.
> On Sun, 3 Sep 2017 at 05.33, mugginsac <> wrote:
>> Michael,
>> It seemed to take forever to write, but eventually using dd the image 
>> wrote to the uSD and it boots. 
>> I am in agreement with you that having the hdmi for local maintenance is 
>> a good idea. I have never tried to run 3D graphics on one of these small 
>> "card" computers. I think running linuxcnc or machinekit via ssh makes a 
>> lot of sense.
>> Thanks,
>> Alan

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