I am getting an error lineardelta.hal:739: parameter or pin 
'hpg.pwmgen.00.out.04.pin' not found
can't seem to find the error or why the pin is not found i have it set 
got it here first then commented it out
# E2 Heater FET 4
#setp hpg.pwmgen.00.out.03.pin       921
#setp hpg.pwmgen.00.out.03.enable    1
#setp hpg.pwmgen.00.out.03.value     0.0

now getting it at next one in line the fan 'hpg.pwmgen.00.out.04.pin' not 

The bed, E0 and E1 are not having a pin problem

its with a cramps.hal I have used this config setup before no problem
i am running, run.py and loading the cramps_bbio

any suggestions as where to look for the pin problem?

Thanks gary 

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