Apologies, I'm a real newbie and would really appreciate some help,
where I'm up to...

Got the latest image from here:


I used an 8GB sandisk ultra

In linux:

sudo bmaptool copy ./debian-9.2-console-armhf-2017-10-29-5.0gb.img.xz

Connected up using SerialTools on the Mac, select usbserial-XXXXXXXXX
and baud rate 115200 and hit connect.

Press any key while booting:

=> env default -a
## Resetting to default environment
=> setenv ethaddr ba:d0:4a:9c:4e:ce
=> saveenv
Saving Environment to MMC...
Writing to MMC(0)... done
=> reset

l:p is machinekit:machinekit

uname -a shows:

Linux mksocfpga 4.1.22-ltsi-rt23-ge3c1da3 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Tue Aug 23
09:56:10 UTC 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

cat /etc/issue
"Debian GNU/Linux 8 \n \l

Machinekit SoC/FPGA Debian Image, Altera CycloneV 2016-11-21"

ifconfig should show the MAC you set and your IP address should be
stable with DHCP

I can ssh in from my Mac Pro (install XQuartz) using "ssh -X machinekit@x.x.x.x"

I change directory into machinekit and run machinekit

I'm presented with the Machinekit Configuration Selector, woohoo!

Is 4.1.22-ltsi-rt23-ge3c1da3 correct for debian-9.2, isn't it supposed
to be 4.9, also /etc/issue shows 8 and the dates are all in 2016,
seems weird?

What to do now with machinekit, no idea where to start, Charles made
me a G540 config:


How do I get that on to this DE0?

So I have my G540 and a stepper, all I want to do is cable up the X
axis to verify everything works (I'm using jumper wires) so can
somebody please give me a newbie guide to what I do next, my thoughts:

DE0 to G540 DB25, on the G540 it seem I only need to connect pins 2
(X-AXIS STEP) & 3 (X-AXIS DIRECTION), which pins will I connect that
to on the DE0 once I import the Charles G540 config, direct DE0 pin to
G540 pin connections as I don't have an assembled DE0-Nano_DB25 (I got
three from osh park but I'm waiting for the parts to come from
digi-key and I will have to do a bunch of practice before I even
attempt to solder 0603)?

DB9 for X AXIS I need to connect the four wires from the stepper to
pins 6, 7, 8 & 9, 6 & 7 are the A coil, 8 & 9 the B coil, how to work
out the order as the stepper wires (black/green are one coil and
red/blue are another according to a piece of paper that came with the

Once I have the G540 config and have wired the above simple test what
do I do from the "Machinekit Configuration Selector" page to just test
one stepper, is that possible, if so, how?

Sorry to be a pain but this would really be a lot of help.



On 2 March 2018 at 18:37, Richard Thornton <richie.thorn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Update
> Image installed and successfully booted
> I lost some time figuring out that I had written to an SD card partition
> instead of the raw device...

On 28 February 2018 at 23:11, Richard Thornton
<richie.thorn...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for all the help.
>> So I have the DE0-Nano-SoC, G540 and steppers are there instructions on how
>> to install machinekit on the SoC and mesa on the FPGA?
>> I should be able to wire it all up OK, I'm basically going to start by
>> getting one stepper moving as instructed, I'm calling this phase 1.
>> So it will be DE0-Nano-SoC connected to G540 connected to a stepper.
>> I will just install Cetus on Android.
>> Am I taking the path of least resistance?
>> Any documents, tips or tricks that will help me?
>> My computer skills are great so as long as I have instructions I will be
>> fine with that.
>> I know very little about CAD/CAM or emc2/linuxcnc/machinekit.
>> Thanks again.
>> Richard

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