Yes, Happy Birthday to us

What is your inbox like if you have 3 years of these saved to reply to John !!!

On 04/04/18 00:37, John Morris wrote:
Happy Birthday #4 Machinekit!

While I've probably *contributed to* Machinekit *less* in the last year than ever before, it turns out I've *used* Machinekit *more*, whether for the EMC app on my 3D printer, or whether for straight HAL and QtQuickVCP for Golibox, autoclave and robot controls. Thanks to all the devs and maintainers for the great work.


On 04/03/2017 12:19 AM, John Morris wrote:
It's been three years.  Happy Birthday, Machinekit!


On 04/03/2016 04:48 PM, John Morris wrote:
Happy two-year birthday, Machinekit! Another great year and more great
leaps forward.  Keep it up!


On 04/03/2015 03:59 AM, John Morris wrote:
A year ago today on April 3, Michael posted the [Machinekit
announcement] on the Emc-developers list. IMO, that marks the official
birthday of Machinekit, so,

Happy Birthday!

I'm incredibly pleased (and surprised!) by the huge leaps the project
has made in such a short time, and by the explosive growth of the
project's community.  In the [ZeroMQ Guide Chap. 6], Pieter Hintjens
writes that the two go hand-in-hand, and says "It's hard to
overemphasize the power and persistence of a working open source
community."  That's exactly what I see here, an amazing bunch of folks
continually attracting new amazing folks, and the result is brilliance.
  Congratulations to everybody, both those participating in the
Machinekit project today, and also those who contributed to the 15+ year
legacy of the code base.  I can't wait to see what the next year will

[Machinekit announcement]:

[ZeroMQ Guide Chap. 6]:


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