After help from Bas (thank you), I got MachineKit working on a Beaglebone Black 
and driving a ClearPath stepper. Here's a video:

I notice on the oscilloscope (but not visible in the video above) that the step 
direction output changes when I stop jogging and the servo slows down from the 
jog speed it was going at.

Can anyone tell me why it does this? Is it in an effort to "apply the brakes" 
to the moving stepper? This is not necessary with the ClearPath servo, which 
will faithfully the number of steps commanded at the commanded speed (within 
limits, of course).

For reference, the HAL file <>, and the .ini file 
<>. Note I've only adjusted the pin addresses for 
axis 0 in the HAL, and the path to the PRU binary in the .ini. It's the same as 
the pru-stepper otherwise.



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