Dear Machinists,

We're happy to announce Machinery 1.22.1. This is a dedicated release to
fix some issues reported by our community. Mainly related to the CentOS
sudo configuration.

Get the new release from the Machinery home page [1] via one-click
install. In case you already have machinery installed in your system you
can update by running:  `zypper up machinery`.

Here is the list of the complete changes:

## Version 1.22.1 - Fri Oct 14 16:13:50 CEST 2016 -

* Only use sudo for reading files when necessary (gh#SUSE/machinery#2077)
* Gracefully handle RequireTTY enabled sudo configs (gh#SUSE/machinery#2135)
* Add rsync requirement check for remote system (gh#SUSE/machinery#2165)

Best Regards,
the Machinery Team

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Machinery mailing list

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