At 11:02 PM +0200 6/3/14, Clemens Lang wrote:

 I sometimes use EasyFind to search in portfiles.  I noticed today
 that the macports folder under ${prefix}/var is no longer visible.  I
 would guess this happened after I upgraded to MacPorts 2.3 but I
 can't be certain.  Using the command line, I see the following:
 Was it an intended change to hide this directory?  Or a glitch on my system?

That was intentional. In specific, it's this Changelog entry:

  Disable Spotlight indexing on build directories, distfiles,
  registry, log files, archives, base source and the default ports
  tree. (cal in r113649)

You can avoid this by manually reverting the change and touching a file
named ".nohide" in the directory. See

Thanks. I noticed that in the change log but didn't see how it was implemented.

Based on some searching (ie no hands-on experience!), it seems that it might be simpler to create a ".metadata_never_index" file [1] inside that folder to encourage Spotlight to leave it alone. Alternatively, we could add ".noindex" to the folder name to achieve the same effect.

Wouldn't one of these be a better solution?


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