> Based on some searching (ie no hands-on
> experience!), it seems that it might be simpler
> to create a ".metadata_never_index" file [1]
> inside that folder to encourage Spotlight to
> leave it alone.  Alternatively, we could add
> ".noindex" to the folder name to achieve the same
> effect.
> Wouldn't one of these be a better solution?

None of those posts have any references to any official documentation by Apple
and there's no source code available for Spotlight to check for myself. Just
trying it on my system would have been an option, but that doesn't necessarily
mean it will work on all platforms supported by MacPorts base.

I found dome documentation on apple.com that suggests marking the folder hidden
achieves Spotlight index exclusion, but I don't have the link at hand right now.

Clemens Lang
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