On 2016-9-17 00:04 , Rainer Müller wrote:
On 2016-09-16 14:20, Craig Treleaven wrote:
I’ve hit this scenario a couple of times.  Am I doing something wrong with svn 

What is your umask set to? From the permissions it looks like this is
with umask 0077.

I encountered the same problem before. svn patch does not preserve the
permissions of the existing files. Actually this behavior is not even
specific to svn patch, other commands such as svn revert behave the same
way. svn creates a new temporary file with umask applied, deletes the
existing file and moves the new file in place.

Personally, I use ACLs on my ports directory to automatically grant read
permissions to everyone on new files. This also resolves this problem
with svn patch for me.

chmod -R +a "group:everyone allow
read,execute,list,search,file_inherit,directory_inherit" ~/ports

It would be nice to have a better solution for this problem, but the
actual bug is in Subversion.

I reported this upstream a while ago with respect to svn commit and it was fixed. If you report these other affected commands and reference the fix for commit they should be able to fix them pretty easily too.


- Josh
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