On 2016-09-18 19:39, Ken Cunningham wrote:
> Github desktop seems a useful tool — but it wants to install command
> line tools (specifically mentioning github utility and git-lfs) into
> /usr/local/bin.
> right now, I’m set up with 
> /opt/local/bin/git
> and I see there already is a port git-lfs versioned 1.4.1
> It’s just these kinds of things that gets things messed up sometimes.
> Anyone been down this path? Could always install the desktop’s tools and
> then hide them I suppose ...

The operations in GitHub.app will always use their own tools and they
also bundle their own version of git. Although I don't know if this will
be symlinked on older releases of OS X.

If your PATH lists /opt/local/bin before /usr/local/bin (which is the
default configuration), git-lfs from the port will already take preference.

There is nothing to worry about here, as the git file format is meant to
be stable and you should be able to work with any version of git on the
same local repository.

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