Suppose a user submits an update to a port.

With Subversion, the user would submit a patch in a Trac ticket. To test it, I 
would download the patch and apply it to my local Subversion working copy. If I 
like it, I commit it. If I don't like it, I give feedback to the user in the 
ticket, or I edit the Portfile further and commit it, then tell the user in the 
ticket what changes I made.

How will this work on GitHub?

The user will submit a pull request. How do I test it locally? What if the pull 
request is incomplete? I know I can tell the user what's wrong, and they can 
push another commit to the same branch they made to initiate the pull request, 
and those new commits will automatically appear in the pull request, and I can 
then merge it if I like it. But what if the user does not respond and fix the 
changes? What if the user makes additional commits but they're still not 
sufficient? How do I take the user's pull request, make additional changes, and 
commit them to our master?

Clemens, in your repository here, you committed something I had previously 
committed in a fork, but had not submitted a pull request for:

The GitHub interface says "ryandesign committed with neverpanic". How did you 
cause that notation to appear, and is that something we should be using in our 
MacPorts git workflow?


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