On 2016-10-16 22:36, David Evans wrote:
> * now that I think about it, using irc might be the best way to go since a 
> transcript of the meeting
>   can be obtained from the irc logs.  After the meeting this can be processed 
> into a "minutes" document and
>   published to document the meeting proceedings. That way, people who don't 
> participate can benefit from
>   the meeting's discussion.

IRC bots with support for meeting can be used for this. They can be
instructed with commands to take notes of decisions and action items
during a meeting:


There might also be more modern business chat providers, but I have no
experience with any of them. IRC should be accessible to all and
FreeNode also offers a web interface.

> Establishment of a meeting time that is convenient to participants in a wide 
> range of
> geographical locations is probably the most difficult task and is key to good 
> turnout.  Maybe say 9 to 10 am on the
> US west coast which would translate to 6 to 7 pm in various parts of Europe.  
> Weekends might be better than
> weekdays to avoid conflicts with daily work schedules.

I also think finding the right time and date is the biggest obstacle.

I guess we should also not leave too much time between setting topics
and the actual meeting to avoid starting discussions early.

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