I'm not getting into trac (github being DDoS'ed again??), so I'm forwarding 
this info via the ML hoping Ryan will catch it.

First, gpgme has been updated to 1.7.1 which apparently brings bug fixes we 
"definitely want".

But more importantly, KDE is dropping the use of its own version of gpgme++. 
This was apparently already decided when we had the discussion about the header 
clashes (a known problem, clearly): https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/129265/ 
Had I known about that I wouldn't have suggested to move the C++ headers in 
port:gpgme, evidently.

>From what I understand of the discussion on the above RR ticket and the ML 
>post it refers to, the transition should be transparent for KF5 ports once we 
>(I) drop the KF5Gpgme port, at least after a transitional period. The clash 
>with the KDEPIM4 headers will persist, evidently, but should be limited to 
>those ports.

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