On 2016-11-1 06:34 , Marko Käning wrote:
On 31 Oct 2016, at 20:25 , Joshua Root <j...@macports.org> wrote:
Depends on the nature of the breakage, which is not shown above. The only 
dependency is jpeg, which has not changed in some time. My jasper installation 
is certainly not broken.


OK, next time I need to get more detailed logs. Just don’t know how to get that 
done in the demoed workflow. :(

It would probably help to set:
revupgrade_mode     report

Then if it finds anything, you can rerun with -v for details.

Maybe something else is being linked to, in which case simply rev bumping does 
not fix the problem. Or maybe something happened to your copy of jpeg that 
changed the soname, in which case that is the problem.

I don’t think I can do anything now there anymore.

Perhaps I better ask the list if I run into stg similar again and then we can 
decide together whether to revbump or not?

Tell me. That's what maintainers are for. :)

- Josh
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