>>> The main question of procedure is: Should the main macports repo be
>>> used for proposing review of work in progress via pull requests?  If
>>> not, what is the proposed method?
>> I propose you put your changes on a branch, add the compare URL to a
>> ticket or send an email to macports-dev.
> The downside (as I see it) of using the compare URL, as opposed to a full 
> pull request, is that line by line comments are not available.

I started out on the side of just keeping the pull request for a
completed work. But, it occurs to me that one of the goals of moving
to GitHub is greater collaboration and that is facilitated by inline
comments on the pull request. Plus, a completed pull request is one
comment away from a work in progress anyway.

The other side that I see is that this furthers the existing
separation where pull requests (and now work-in-progress discussions)
are on GitHub and ticket discussions are on Trac. Given that pull
requests are already on GitHub, I don't think this is a significant

The alternative to WiP pull requests is posting multiple comparison
URLs to reference different lines of code that must be opened in
different windows. Plus, those references will break as soon as any
changes are made to the branch.

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