On 2016-11-4 14:41 , Blair Zajac wrote:
Seeing some odd things with rsync with this config:

root@poppy-mbp:~#  grep -v ^# /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf | uniq

rsync://rsync.macports.org/release/ports/ [default]

root@poppy-mbp:~# port -v outdated
The following installed ports are outdated:
curl-ca-bundle                 7.50.3_0 < 7.50.3_1
mercurial                      3.9.2_0 < 4.0_0
root@poppy-mbp:~# port -v upgrade --enforce-variants outdated
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors
--->  No broken files found.

It doesn’t look like the files on rsync.macports.org are being kept up to date. 
Did I miss a command to run on my MacPort installs?

Ryan mentioned earlier that his internet connection was being saturated by package uploads, which delays the update of the ports tree and index.

But in this case you do see the new version, so that can't be what happened. Did you activate the older version of these ports after upgrading previously? If not, does 'port info mercurial' agree with 'port info --index mercurial'?

- Josh
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