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> To be honest, this template adds so much comment noise that I can't
> imagine ever using it.

That’s fine ok, your decision. :)

>> --- ~/.git-commit-template ---
>> #  Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
>> #  with '#' will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit.
>> #
>> #   -> The title MUST not be longer than 50 characters. 
> I don't think we should dictate a hard limit on this. Sometimes it's
> hard to say anything meaningful in 50 characters, especially since we
> prepend port names to the subject line. Anything less than 60 chars is
> generally good enough.

Please, check out our own WorkingWithGit wiki page. That’s exactly the
source of information I used to set up the commit template suggestion.
I just included our publicly available commit rules for the committers. 

>> #   -> You MUST wrap all further lines at 72 characters.
>> #
>> #  For more information on how to write commit messages see MacPorts'
>> #  wiki at https://trac.macports.org/wiki/WorkingWithGit#commitmessages
>> #
>> # ==[ Subject: One meaningful line ONLY!  ]======|
>> # ==[ Blank: Follow the Subject with a blank line, do NOT remove ]=====|
>> # ==[ Details: Describe what changed and explain why it changed]=======|
> This is all informative exactly once.


> As Clemens already noted, these aren't the supported keywords.

I am aware of that!

>> I have fantasised a little here what concerns the (perhaps upcoming)
>> BUILDBOT feature.
> I wouldn't hold my breath on this.

I am not. I know that this won’t have priority and will only be implemented
if someone really sees a benefit in test-building stuff on an individual

> We have the wiki and guide for documentation. This template is not the
> place for documentation.

Well, actually, I do see your point. But what good is it if even you didn’t
know the rules about the maximum number of chars in a line? ;-) Having said
that I also think that you’ll mostly have a hard time to bring a conscience
message including the port name into just 50 characters!

>> But perhaps all this is overkill?!
> In case it's not obvious, I think this is serious overkill.

You made very obvious to me.

I do know now what not to do in the future: trying to come up with such kind
of suggestions - while not being a professional software developer and just
some guy who tries to support a collaborative initiative like MacPorts to the
best of his (admittedly) limited knowledge.

Moving on to the next response...
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