We should be very careful about modifying Jeremy's LibCxxOnOlderSystems page -- 
would suggest we just send any suggestions to him, rather than touch that page. 
Too much detailed info to mess up accidentally.

Regarding building and running newer clangs on PPC, there is this report to get 
you started playing if you like, and shows how to solve the supported_archs 
issue you had.


It is quite complicated to move newer clangs to PPC, and in the end likely to 
be pointless, because PPC code coming out of clang / llvm is unreliable and 
there is no current plan to fix it. Some things might work on a spotty basis, 
for whatever good that is.

I would like to find some way of handing newer ObjC files on PPC, but don't 
really see that every coming. 

For now, if  your source doesn't build with gcc42, and if gcc5 or gcc6 doesn't 
handle the ObjC in the source, you're out of luck.


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