The libstdc++ section of this portgroup forces clang 4.0, and the PPC section 
forces gcc6. Those cover almost all current port compiler requirements.

But there is still a hole in the libc++ section, and it happens often enough 
that older clangs (< 600 or so) have to be blacklisted on older systems 

It would seem consistent with the purpose of the Portgroup that this might be 
included in the libc++ section to save this coming into each Portfile 

Something like this:


} else {
    # GCC compilers can not use libc++
    compiler.blacklist-append   *gcc*

    compiler.blacklist-append   { clang < 600 }



would probably do it for now. (That could be bumped to 800 - or more - rather 
easily in the future when that is needed).


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