Dear Mojca,

I have made the recommended fixes and have just been attaching the modified 
Portfile (added as Portfile.2). 
This is Ticket #55808:


Le 5 mars 2018 à 12:22, Mojca Miklavec <> a écrit :

> Dear Bernard,
> On 5 March 2018 at 12:06, Bernard Desgraupes wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have submitted, three weeks ago, a new port via a submission ticket 
>> ( but it doesn't seem to have 
>> received any attention.
>> It concerns the aidadoc project (see 
>> No rush but could someone review my ticket ?
>> Thanks in advance,
> Thanks for the reminder.
> As it turns out lately there are a couple more people who follow
> GitHub Pull requests more regularly than the Trac tickets (or should I
> say: the 1 plus epsilon people who merge most pull requests look
> exclusively on GitHub), so despide the two submission options
> supposedly being equal, the chances of getting feedback are much
> higher on GitHub.
> Mojca

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