Hi Ken,

I think it's a great idea. I'm maintaining a lot of software both on my 
personal machines and at work using MacPorts and I've setup some local Makefile 
targets to do some of this work. Perhaps I could contribute some work on this 
area, but first I'd like to know what is it that we'd like to have.

What is currently working for me is a very simple, template-based approach. 
Since 90% of the time I'm dealing with ports using the github portgroup, I'm 
basically calculating the relevant variables (port name, version, checksums, 
etc.) and fill in a template. The template is a file where shell expansion is 
performed (i.e.: variables in the form ${VAR}) are expanded.) I think this 
approach could be both very useful and simple to maintain if we had a list of 
pre-defined templates. It doesn't scale well with the number of different 
templates to support and their complexity. If we needed templates to have logic 
in it (flow control, expressions, etc.),then my guts say we should move to a 
suitable templating engine (or a different kind of solution altogether).

I've had a look at portfile-gen and it's a nice source of inspiration. Yet, I'm 
not convinced that outputting text directly from the program flow is either 
easy to read or easily maintainable, especially if complexity goes up.

portfile-gen, if I understand correctly, supports the following groups:

  * perl5
  * php 
  * python 
  * ruby
  * github

If we extracted a template for each one of those groups (or more templates in 
case a group may have multiple templates), then the effort required to come up 
with a working prototype would be implementing the functions required to 
populate the environment (i.e.: downloading a file if needed, calculating 
checksums, examining it). Perhaps we would have to split a Portfile in multiple 
segments, and generate each segment from a specific template (e.g.: if a port 
requires GNU Autotools).

What are your gut feelings about a template-based solution? Do you think it 
would be able to manage the level of Portfile complexity we desire for this 


> On 7 Mar 2018, at 01:27, Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.web...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> On 2018-03-06, at 7:19 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
>> There's a fairly basic tool called portfile-gen in contrib. Improvements
>> are certainly welcome.
> That is indeed a step towards what I was thinking of.
> I'll look at this. 
> Ken

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