This is a little bit offtopic IMHO, anyway: I found surprising too that the 
github portgroup was not documented, given the high percentage of software that 
I build out of github repositories, and that's why I recently contributed the 
documentation of the github portgroup: 

It has been merged some days ago. Yet, I don't see it online yet.

> On 7 Mar 2018, at 11:29, db <> wrote:
> On 7 Mar 2018, at 01:53, Rainer Müller <> wrote:
>> On 2018-03-06 23:00, db wrote:
>>> [...] an *overview* of how to write a portfile is much needed.
>> Isn't this what this chapter in the guide is supposed to provide?
> Yes, supposed. When you're in it's difficult to say, but AFAIR I was probably 
> trying to write a portfile for something hosted on GitHub without knowing 
> about the relative portgroup and its documentation being buried somewhere 
> under the prefix in the tcl file itself.

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