On Mar 15, 2018, at 07:00, db wrote:
> On 15 Mar 2018, at 05:13, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Because PRs come from untrusted sources, we have to assume their contents 
>> are tainted. So after any PR is finished building, the VM is tainted and we 
>> have to throw it away and make a new one from our template for the next PR 
>> build.
>> On Mar 14, 2018, at 07:25, db wrote:
>>> Otherwise, you could make the machines sync to the packages public server 
>>> for the distributable, and to a private server for the non-distributable 
>>> binaries.
>> I can't find an interpretation of that sentence that helps to solve the 
>> prepopulation problem.
> I didn't know how you handled the templating.

We have nothing set up for this yet, so currently we don't handle it at all. I 
was merely mentioning some of the issues that have occurred to me since I've 
been thinking about this problem.

> Couldn't you just prepopulate the cloned VM, take a snapshot, build the PR, 
> restore the snapshot, eventually, delete the snapshot, update outdated, then 
> retake it?

I don't know. I had not considered snapshots as part of the solution.

If we use snapshots, we may not need to use templates. We just take a snapshot 
of a clean fully set-up VM and start the build from there. Then restore to that 
snapshot after the build.

If you're suggesting that periodically updating that VM should be automated, 
there's a lot to think about. If there is to be an automated (e.g. daily) task 
that deletes the snapshot, updates outdated ports, and makes a new snapshot, 
that would have to happen while no PR builds are building. If we made this 
daily update a buildbot task, it can probably arrange for that. We would also 
have to either automate or allow for the possibility of manually updating the 
OS, Xcode, Java.

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