I'm working on a munin 2.x port. The server part uses rrdtool to produce 
graphs. The graphs are unuseable due to 1) font too small 2) font not 
monospaced. In munin 1.4.7 with rrdtool < 1.3 the font is explicitly defined as 
DejaVuSansMono.ttf, but starting with rrdtool 1.3 (uses pango) this is changed 
to DejaVuSans,DejaVu Sans,DejaVu LGC Sans,Bitstream Vera Sans. meanwhile 
rrdtool is 1.7, which might we working differently, but in the rrdtool 
Changelog I cannot find anything on fonts after 1.3.

For this munin2 port I'm working in a second macports instalation with prefix 

In '/opt/mpt/etc/fonts/fonts.conf' there is this:
    <dir>/usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts</dir> <dir>/opt/mpt/share/fonts</dir> 
<dir>/Library/Fonts</dir>  <dir>/Network/Library/Fonts</dir> 
and 'port contents dejavu-fonts' gives:
and reinstalling dejavu-fonts gives:
  DEBUG: system: /opt/mpt/bin/fc-cache -fv /opt/mpt/share/fonts
but fc-cache seems to hang now (not on initial 2nd macports install), without 
taking any cpu.

When I try any of the fc-* programs on whatever font directory they all hang, 
again with no cpu.

I already had DejaVu fonts in /Library/Fonts. When I tried to reinstall by 
FontBook it gave the message 
  Font Book: add <backup>/DejaVu*
  error on Font Validation:
  Problems may have been found with some fonts during validation.
  22 serious errors were found. Do not use these fonts.
These old versions of DejaVu are identical to the reinstall by macports today.

munin -> perl -> rrdtool -> pango -> fontconfig => this begins to look like a 
neverending story.

I suppose something is rotten in te state of Denmark, but where do I start to 
look for it?

thnx, paul.

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