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> However, meetings on IRC are slow, as you have to wait for others to
> type, you have no notifications whether others still have something
> to say, etc.
> For such a scheduled meeting, I would prefer audio chat as that
> would make the communication more direct and faster.

Google Hangouts seems to work well for large groups. It also features
video if people want that.

> The other well-known option would of course be Skype. However, with
> Skype one person would have to collect interested developers first
> and then invite them to a group call. With Discord it seems like
> you can just create a room that everyone can join, which would be a
> lot simpler.

Similarly, with Google Hangouts, someone can just send out a link for
people to click on and join the chat. (They do need a Google ID I
think, but most people seem to have one of those these days.)

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