During the extract-from-package step, if bsdtar exists **and** supports
--hfsCompression, use the flag during the extraction.

To test:
 * make sure libarchive is installed
 * check disk usage
 * deactivate & re-activate a large port (llvm / gcc / clang)
 * check disk usage again. If everything is working, you should have more
space available.

I've been using it for months and have been very happy with the space
savings (especially on packages with lots of text files. *cough* compilers

It is slower to extract, but I don't notice any slowdown after the that
point. Most Apple-installed tools are compressed, from the spot-checking
I’ve done.

 * Doesn't detect if the compression will be lost (and therefore pointless
work/time) when moving for activation. This is the case if different
mountpoints are involved for the extraction directory and the final
activation locations. Scrapped detection of this as corner case with
significantly increased complexity. (And it’s not broken in the corner
case, just burns some extra cycles during extraction.)
 * Slower to extract than when not in use -- shouldn't be a surprise.

  - Eric

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