On 2018-04-16, at 4:29 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Do these ports build for you on PowerPC Tiger? They didn't for me, last time 
> I checked a month or two ago.

Yes, both gcc6 / libgcc6 and gcc7 / libgcc7 build fine without these patches on 
PPC Tiger. I haven't had any troubles with any of these versions. Somehow they 
don't need these patches, it seems. I don't know why not at this moment.

> Also, are there MacPorts tickets showing the problem that this patch fixes?

In fact there is one that I opened that I should close 

> And are there upstream bug reports?

I will admit to not having looked, although just now google showed me none.

> At the moment, this looks a patch that we'll have to carry forward forever 
> (or until we drop support for these OS versions), without an apparent means 
> of verifying whether the patches continue to be needed in future versions of 
> gcc.

Well -- Larry V was helping out with this up in the gcc world when he was 
active in this. He set the bar at 10.5 Intel, and so gcc defaults to 
-mmacosx-version-min=10.5 if not otherwise specified.  Which is OK, and 
certainly goes back a long way.

However, to get gcc6 / gcc7 to build on Tiger Intel is really pretty easy, as 
you can see.  Just send -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 in a few spots during the 
build so it builds right and asks for the right link libraries when linking, 
and replace one function.  

This brings Tiger Intel (who else wants it besides me - not sure?) right up to 
date with compilers for the next few years with just one patch. And I kinda 
like the satisfaction of that -- as I know you do.

So would they want that in the main gcc repo? Gee -- what do you think? 
Rewriting and retesting all Larry V's 10.5 defaulting in darwin.c for a 2004 
system ... my bet is no, but I could be wrong...

However, for a simple patch for MacPorts, that stays out of the way of everyone 
except Tiger Intel, that works now, but that will probably stop working one day 
(but that could be a long time from now) ...   well, seemed reasonable to me. 

When gcc8 or whatever comes along and Tiger Intel can no longer build it -- 
c'est la vie. Everything dies.



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