> Christopher Jones <jon...@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

>> I've previously used Grand Perspective to examine the disk space usage of 
>> the build machines and didn't see anything big, but it turns out Grand 
>> Perspective doesn't include items whose names begin with a period, and 
>> that's where the problem was: the .Spotlight-V100 directory on the 10.7 
>> builder was 36GiB the first time I looked and 26GiB the second time I 
>> looked, and on the 10.8 builder it was 16GiB. I've deleted the Spotlight 
>> indexes on all the builders and hopefully when they're done rebuilding 
>> they'll be smaller.
> I wouldn’t use applications like that for this sort of thing, for that very 
> reason. Then tend to try and be just a bit too clever for my tastes.
> In the end, I tend to just rely on good old dumb ‘df -h’ … 

I’d recommend using ncdu for this. It’s a brilliant CLI tool to drill down when 
looking for what is using a lot of space and MacPorts has a port for it. ;o)


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