there seems to be demand for replicating the “binary only” installers of 
homebrew cask.

we have a few ports that do that now, and I see more and more coming in.

I have used homebrew cask from time to time to see what it’s up to. It is 
convenient at times. I also downloaded a lot of things that didn’t actually 
work on the system I was using, or were time-bombed demos that timed out after 
a week — or updated on me when I wasn’t really planning on updating just then — 
or installed but just plain didn’t work (Lazarus) — so there are downsides to 
it to.

homebrew has nearly 4000 of these already. Probably would be pretty easy to 
just write a little translator to use their cask formulas, I wouldn’t be 
surprised :>

Anyway, if we’re going to do this, and there is demand, perhaps we should have 
a category or a naming convention to make it clear that a prebuilt downloaded 
binary is what we’re installing?


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