So much traffic on this thread, so much time spent answering questions. But I do not recall any of the answerers trying
port provides /opt/local/lib/libintl.dylib

That would have pointerd out that the initial problem of gettext wanting to reinstall itself (perhaps for no good reason) had removed the dylibs that gettext provides and uses, itself.

I believe this highlights some error in the 1.70 base. I say this because it seems to be faulty UI that allows a user to specify a variant that when in place the port command can be broken in a simple upgrade.

I mention above "perhaps for no good reason" because last week when I upgraded graphviz which upgraded gd2, I got into a loop of trying to upgrade freetype, zlib and gettext, none of which were outdated according to port. I finally had to force the reinstallation of zlib and gettext, force uninstall gd2, freetype, zlib, and gettext and start over.

That was not the first time I had seen this loop of upgrading a port that was the same version as the curreny installed version, followed by failing to install the "new" version because a version was already in place (the same version). In some cases the process stopps there; in others it moves to the next port that it either "thinks" should be upgraded or really should be. Then if that port depends on one of the ports it has mistakenly identified as outdated, it goes into the same pattern. On a few occassions I have found libraries from those ports which wer not in need of replacement--but replaced anyway--missing. TimeMachine is useful, then,

I have the last model of the G5 iMac running 10.5.6, and the portinstalltype is direct, and portarchivemode is no. 1.7 seems as though it has sections that are not sure what "direct" mode is by the way; some ports I have upgraded recently report "activating." I have not used image mode on this machine at all.

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