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So much traffic on this thread, so much time spent answering questions. But I do not recall any of the answerers trying
port provides /opt/local/lib/libintl.dylib

Sorry; I thought it was already understood that libintl is the internationalization library and that it is provided by gettext.

My original post was strident; it should not have been.
I agree it's a MacPorts base issue. A ticket has now also been filed for this issue:


I have the last model of the G5 iMac running 10.5.6, and the portinstalltype is direct, and portarchivemode is no. 1.7 seems as though it has sections that are not sure what "direct" mode is by the way; some ports I have upgraded recently report "activating." I have not used image mode on this machine at all.

Direct mode is certainly less well tested than image mode. I've never used it. Is there a particular reason why you are using it?

I began using Darwinports very soon after DP was created. When Image mode was added, a few of us (perhaps under Panther but could have been Tiger) noticed significant (and documentable) slow downs on access to files in /opt/local/bin. After a conversation on the old DP mailing list, we found that hard links were problematic for the OS (at least in that version) when they exceded some level.

I recall that an Apple employee stated that this was a known problem. After switching from my old G4 to this G5 and reinstalling MP, I kept the direct mode partly because it works just fine and I do not usually need to worry about which port is active. I only have 518 ports installed on this computer. On the earlier machine I had more of the X11 system in DP/MP. But now that Apple has a real active developer working on porting X, all my X stuff (except gimp) is outside MP's system.

There are ports that define post-activation phases. Perhaps those are getting executed even in direct mode, and that is why you see MacPorts stating it is activating a port, even though in direct mode there isn't an activation phase...

If you could say exactly what ports do this, we could investigate further.

I will make sure to do this the next time I see the problem. I can usually work around it because of so many years using MP, so I just move forward.

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