On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 02:54:35PM -0400, Richard L. Hamilton wrote:
> Are the build-bots building binary packages for Sierra yet,

Yes, see

> and if they aren't already there, may we be notified when they're at a
> level of completeness approximating that of El Capitan builds?

I think Ryan will send an announcement when builds for all ports have
been attempted; note that this make take a considerable while; IIRC it
took a couple of weeks for the El Capitan builds.

Our new buildbot setup will however deploy new packages faster and
earlier, while the 'all' build is still in progress. Packages for the
most common dependencies (except qt, which failed) are probably there

> A migration would take hours less if one could get mostly binary
> packages. :-)

You could write a script that checks whether
packges.macports.org/$portname contains darwin_16 for the ports you have
installed to get an overview of how many binary archives you'd get.

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