I recently did a fresh installation of MacPorts. I then installed octave-devel 
because the version given for it is 4.1.0+, more recent than that for octave 
the version of which is given as 4.0.3_1.

I then did 

sudo port install octave-signal

which immediately began trying to install octave 4.0.3_1. I control-C-ed out of 
that process after a few seconds after I realized what was happening. Now I 
have these questions:

(1) Can I do a "sudo port clean --dist octave" to get rid of any junk that was 
installed by the aborted octave installation?

(2) Can I install octave packages such as octave-signal into octave-devel? If 
so, how? Does this involve using octave_select?

(3) If I need to revert to octave 4.0.3_1, how do I remove _all_ of 
octave-devel. In the past I have found that uninstalling ports doesn’t return 
my disk usage to what it was before installing, usually by several GB. I want 
to keep a lean and clean MacPorts installation.

Thanks as usual.

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