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> Known Issues
>    - There are no Command Line Tools (OS X 10.11) for Xcode 8.1. Xcode
>    8.1 contains SDKs that are incompatible with earlier toolchains. Developers
>    who want to make use of the Xcode 8 SDKs from the command line must choose
>    the SDK with xcode-select. Developers on OS X El Capitan who have
>    installed versions of the Command Line Tools (OS X 10.11) for Xcode 8.1
>    should install Command Line Tools (OS X 10.11) for Xcode 7.3.1. (28234439)
> How does that affect Macports?

Same way it did with 8.0. You should install the XCode 7.3.1 Command LIne
Tools for 10.11 as specified. (So much for this being "fixed" in 8.1....)

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