In short, most stuff works with 2 and 3, and you should use 3. You can install both, they're independent. virtualenvs are your friend. Also, "import this" if you haven't already :)

In full, it's quite complex. See

For most features and least hassle, use 3 and ignore 2 if you can. If you have old 2 code of your own, have a look at

Stuff being 2 only is a bit of a red flag. It's likely unmaintained or has architectural or testing problems such that it can't be ported. Some newer stuff is 3 only-- typically to rely on new 3 only features like asyncio. 2 and 3 stuff is so because of some effort by the developers to make it so.


On 26/04/17 20:59, Michael wrote:
What is involved in switching from python 27 to python 36?

I've been using python 27 for a while. I've run into a problem with youtube-dl 
needing a newer python.

But I don't know what I need to do to safely update. It's not like python2 is a different 
program than python3 (same "python" in both cases), and as I understand it, not 
everything written for P2 is compatible with P3.

So what's the proper way to upgrade?
Or is there a way to have both installed at the same time? (but then ... 
!#/usr/bin/env python ...)

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