You need to uninstall any ports built using 4.0, then uninstall clang-4.0 and llvm-4.0, then reinstall the ports you need using clang 3.9.


On 09/05/17 19:56, wrote:
Doesn't work.

The following ports will break:
 cctools @895_4
 ld64-latest @274.2_1

I selected "y" anyway, but as expected, got the same error message:

cctools: Variant llvm39 conflicts with llvm40

El 2017-05-09, a las 13:58, Ken Cunningham escribió:

sudo port uninstall clang-4.0 llvm-4.0 should do it for you.

don't forget to change the line in macports.conf about
default_compilers, removing clang-4.0.

BTW I appear to have fixed clang-4.0 for snow leopard, and depending
on what Jeremy wants to do with that, it should be working in macports
or upstream eventually.

Although I'd recommend you stick with clang-3.8 or clang-3.9 for now,
clang-4.0 for snow leopard will work soonishly. There's a word... :>



On 2017-05-09, at 10:53 AM,
<> wrote:

Me again.

I forgot, but how do I uninstall the broken llvm40 version?
On Step 7, it complains about conflict between llvm39 and llvm 40.


El 2017-05-05, a las 19:05, Ken Cunningham escribió:

On 2017-05-04, at 12:32 PM,
<> wrote:

Hello there,

I needed to reinstall MacPorts on Snow Leopard, and followed the
instructions in LibcxxOnOlderSystems (I recall some ports wouldn't
compile properly without it), including the experimental steps.
Only there, I replaced clang 3.9 by clang 4.0.

However, it failed on completing xsane compilation, as glib2 failed:

is pasted there:

From what I could read, it can't find a given header file. How did
it went missing?

As mentioned privately, it seems likely you've stumbled across this
bug <> which Jeremy
reported a few months ago.

It looks like a new regression and I don't see that error on 10.6
with clang-3.7, clang-3.8, or clang-3.9, so if you back up in the
libcxxonoldersystems instructions and install clang-3.8 or clang-3.9
you should be OK.

I haven't tried clang-4.0 to confirm this bug / error on my system
yet, but I could assume I'd see it too if I did.



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