Jan Stary wrote:
On Aug 08 02:54:54, buildbot at macports.org wrote:
Status:       Failure
Build slave:  ports-10.7_x86_64_legacy
Full logs:    

I want to look into this (being the maintainer of SoX),
but I'm not sure where to start looking.
The above page links to 38 other logs; which one of those contains
the failed build of audio/sox? (There is no indication in the link names.)

There is actually no log for sox here. The build of synfig was aborted because sox was marked as having failed in a previous build.

Log from failed builds:
        Building 'synfig' ... [ERROR] (failed to install dependency 'sox')
        > maintainers: ryandesign at macports.org,hans at stare.cz.

port info says that synfig is a vector-based 2-D animation package.
Why does it depend on SoX in the first place?

It doesn't directly depend on sox, it depends on mlt which depends on sox.

I don't have a 10.7 machine. I only have a 10.6.8,
where it builds fine since the upgrade to SoX 14.4.2 in 2015.
Is there some farm of Mac machines I can test on?

The MacPorts project does not have this.

I started a build of sox on 10.7 for you, so you can see the error at least. <https://build.macports.org/builders/ports-10.7_x86_64_legacy-builder/builds/40838>

- Josh

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