On Feb 9, 2018, at 00:46, James Linder wrote:

> I’ve been using iTerm2 for a while but the 100th time I accidently 
> middle-mouse clicked the tab bar only to have the tab be-gone usually in vi I 
> binned it.
> Terminal is a pretty good replacement except it askes stupid questions every 
> time I suhtdown (everyday). Also irritating!
> Google gnome-terminal and macports show numerous ‘it does not work’ entries 
> with no ‘it now works; entries.
> Can anybody comment on the current status please.
> Any comments on a terminal that just works also welcome. I dont need (or even 
> want) any fancy features like knitting christmas stockings (I jest, but you 
> get the picture)

Terminal and iTerm2 work well enough for me. I don't quite follow the problems 
you're having with them.

I don't have a middle mouse button. It looks iTerm2's preferences have middle 
mouse button bound to paste. If that's what's happening for you, and you don't 
want that to happen, you can change the preferences to make it do something 
else, or nothing.

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